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  • SMARTments: Rent or Buy?

    SMARTments are designed to address multiple target groups. With the product lines SMARTments student, SMARTments business and SMARTments living we are covering the time span from university to retirement.

    As a tenant of SMARTments student, you must be a student or apprentice. SMARTments business and living are open to all people.

    Of course, SMARTments are a safe investment and sustainable investment product. Depending on the project, you may invest in SMARTments in part-ownership. For questions, contact our sales department: info(at)smartments.de.

    Basic information can be found at www.smartments-invest.de.

  • Where exactly can I find SMARTments?

    SMARTments are expanding and future projects are already under development. Below, you will find a list of current and future projects.


    SMARTments student

    SMARTments student in Darmstadt

    SMARTments student in Frankfurt

    SMARTments student in Hamburg

    SMARTments student in Cologne

    SMARTments student in Mainz


    SMARTments business

    SMARTments business in Hamburg

    SMARTments business in München - Opening 2016

    SMARTments business in Berlin (twice) - Opening 2016

  • Which product categories already exist?

    Currently, SMARTments are formed of three product lines: SMARTments student, SMARTments business and SMARTments living. These three brands cater to the groups of students, business travellers and dynamic young and older couples. All apartments are found in central locations, are small and offer a thought-through layout.

  • How and where can I rent or book an apartment?

    SMARTments can be booked online and via phone.

    Call us at +49 9131 91 89 79-0 or check online for availability. Just select your location here.

  • How much do SMARTments cost?

    Our pricing is dependent on location. However, we always offer inexpensive rates and rents for our tenants and guests.

  • What characterizes SMARTments?

    SMARTments are small apartments. The main goal is to combine functionality of the furnishings and service offerings. Moreover, SMARTments are always in central locations with good infrastructure and availability of public transport.

    It all comes down to value for money.

  • Since when do SMARTments exist?

    Our first SMARTments were the student apartments Albrecht Mendelssohn Bartholdy Haus in Hamburg. It was opened on 1 October 2012.

    The first SMARTments business is also in Hamburg and was opened in July 2013.

    Nevertheless, FDS gemeinnützige Stiftung has been operating student apartments since 1971 and therefore brings a lot of experience to the table.

  • Who stands behind the SMARTments brand?

    The idea for SMARTments comes from GBI AG, a leading German project developer for hotels and apartment concepts. Under the umbrella of the Moses Mendelssohn Foundation, GBI AG is responsible for real estate development.

    Additionally, FDS gemeinnützige Stiftung and SMARTments business GmbH act as experienced and professional operators for the apartments.

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